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Published papers of CER in important journals
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Shaoan Huang: “Rent-Tax Substitution,Fiscal Revenue and Government Real Estate Development Strategy”,Economic Research Journal, CSSCI, 2012

Kainan Huang:New Insight in the Theory of Incomplete Contracts,Economic Research Journal,CSSCI, 2012

Kainan Huang (with Shravan Luckraz and Neil Campbell):'Does Weak IPR Protection Deter Inverstment in R&D? Evidence from the Tea Industry in China',World Economics, 2012.

Kainan Huang (with Geoffrey M. Hodgson): Evolutionary Game Theory and Evolutionary Economics: Are They a Different Species?Journal of Evolutionary Economics, SSCI, 2012

Cheo Kim San: Gamblers Hate Inequality: Evidence from China, Applied Economics Letters, SSCI, 2012

Shaoan Huang, Qian Wei: Cooperation and Economic Growth,Economic Research Journal,CSSCI, 2011

Zenggang Li:“Basic theory of Law and Economics and Its Application and Development in China ”,Economic Research Journal,CSSCI, 2011

Kainan Huang:Subjective Game and Endogenous Evolution of Institutions,Economic Research Journal, CSSCI, 2010

Qian Wei:Economics of Incorporating Fairness: Theory and Evidence,Economic Research Journal, CSSCI, 2010

Sun Tao, Shaoan Huang: “Chinese Households’ Saving, Consumption and Intergenerational Support with the Influence of Informal Institution”,Economic Research Journal,CSSCI, 2010

Shengmin Sun:Fifty Years of Cliometrics: Conflict, Convergence and Development of Economics and Historical Paradigms,Social Sciences in China, 2009

Shengmin Sun:Economic Development and Relation between the Industry and Agriculture Sectors: The Chinese Planning Economy Revisited in Cliometrics,Economic Research Journal,CSSCI,2009

Shaoan Huang, Jian Zhao: Unbalanced System Change and Economic Growth: An Rent-seeking Model,Economic Research Journal,CSSCI, 2009

Kainan Huang:Evolutionary Games and Evolutionary Economics,Economic Research Journal, CSSCI, 2009

Qian Wei: Some Social Mechanisms of Improving the Ability of Punishment and Maintenance of Cooperation in Human Groups,Economic Research Journal, 2009

Kunting Chen:Analysis of the Great Divergence under a unified endogenous growth model,Asia Research Network, 2009

Kunting Chen,Yan Zhou:Path to Richness: A Unified Theory for Long Run Economic Growth,Economic Research Journal,CSSCI,2008

Zhiping Xie: A New Approach for General Equilibrium with Discontinuous Excess Demand Function,Economic Research Journal,CSSCI,2008

Kainan Huang, Zhenyu Cheng: Cognitive Rationality and the Development of Methodological Individualism,Economic Research Journal,CSSCI,2008

Weiguo Zhang: Language as Human Capital , Public Good and Institution : A Basic Analytical Framework of Language and Economics,Economic Research Journal,CSSCI,2008

Shaoan Huang, Qian Wei: The Optimum Number of Funds Held by Institutional Investors: An Empirical Analysis Based on Chinese Data,Economic Research Journal,CSSCI,2007

Jian Wei: The Stable Self-Enforcement and Distribution of Property Right: The Right to Virtual Property in MMORPG,Thomas Eger, Michael Faure, Zhang Naigen ed.Economic Analysis of Law in China, 2007

Last:Jiang Shuguang,Wei Qian: Belief and Psychological Games: Theory, Evidence and Applications Next:Graduate student of CER published the paper in International journal of Economcis Letters


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