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the First Teatime of SDU Economic Papers Succeeded
Updat:Nov 22, 2007   Author:LJ   Click:[]

On the night of November 17th, the editorial board of Economics Journal for Graduates of SDU held the first “Teatime” in the meeting room in economics and management building. “Teatime” is an academic exchange activity that the editorial board has launched recently with the purpose of arousing students’ enthusiasm of the Economics study and research and meanwhile providing an elegant exchange platform where the teachers and students can talk freely.

In this event, accompanied by the fragrance of coffee and fruit, in a relaxed atmosphere of ease, students expressed their opinions and spoke out their minds, several doctoral gave a brief introduction on the issues they were attending, the rest also talked about their views. The first-year postgraduates refused to be outdone; they spoke one after another, performing good academic style.

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