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Financial specialty student training schedule
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I、Training target :

Persisting in the four basic principles,possessing well morality and learning culture,having rather strong ability of operation;mind, wisdom and body fully developed graduates;high-administrative-level financial theory possessing stable theoretics basis and financial engineers having strong practice ability. Taking on abilities to colligate episteme of financial,economics and management(including econometric analysis technology) to analyze and solve problems.And master a foreign language ,build up both the body and the mind, for further studying and working in enterprise or research institution found a stable basis.

II、research direction:

1、Securities Markets

Theory of securities markets and practicing , the operation of securities markets and problems of securities markets in China .

2、currency financial

(1)basic theory of currency and banking;(2)problems concerning commercial bank ;(3) problems concerning central bank ;(4)choice for financial policy of China.

3、International Finance

Major study theory and practicing of international finance , international balance , international credit.

4、Financial theory and financial project

(1) financial theory ;(2) financial project ;(3)financial econometrics.

5、Financial institution and enterprise development

(1)the relationship between financial institution and enterprise development; (2)financial institution and enterprise management ;(3) financial institution and enterprise development in China.

6、Investigation of Investment economy

systemically and scientifically research investment course and investing behavior.Its major content is taking financial investment and enterprise investment as researching object , theory analysis and technology analysis as researching method , take both theory and practice of investment into account , study theories of entity of investment , theory and practice of modern investment combination ,theory of efficiency of capital market, management of risks of investment, decision and method of modern investment, theory of investment market and so on.

III、Fix number of study year

Students wanting to get master’s degrees usually should study three years.In the first three semesters you should get all the credits we requied , and in the last three semesters you will do some practice and prepare for the thesis.

IV、Filtration and diffluence

In the third to eighth weeks of the forth semester ,we will have a metaphase filtration taking the introduction of your master’s degree thesis into account.The content of the examination includes mentality , course studying, research abilities, introduction of the thesis, health condition and the marks of subject integrated examination. Subject integrated examination is to test the completely operation abilities of the students, including two parts: basic theory test and practical ability test. The examination will be carried out by the integrated examination group which belongs to the degree assess committee.

Students passed the metaphase filtration will go along to compose the master’s degree thesis; students failed the metaphase filtration will be treated according to the relative prescript of the management of the master status of Shandong University.

V、The arrangement of course and credits, total credits should be more than 39 .

1、4 degree commonality courses ,8 credits;

2、3 degree basic courses ,9 credits;

3、2 degree speciality courses ,6 credits;

4、front line lectures (including discuss classes), 2 credits.

(1) basic format of the front line lecture

The front line lecture intends to let students have the acquaintance with the front line science of his own subject. Enhance the interest and the ability of enlisting science activity. The front line

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