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Research of Institutional Economics, Vol.29 (No.3 2010)
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Research of Institutional Economics, Vol29 (2010 No.3)

Title; Author(s); Abstract; Key WordsJEL Classifications

1TitleEvolution of Power and National Competition: An Investigation on Transaction Costs among Countries

Authors):Du Kai Zhou Qin Wang Jian

AbstractAccording to country competition and transaction cost , we have put forward three propositions: dual effect of institutional arrangement and economic growth, essence the country competition. The dual effect of institutional arrangement is in reality, the institutional arrangement reducing or raising transaction cost is both existing. Technology is not only a growth factor, but also a competitive element which created the dual mechanism of economic growth. Power is the essence of national competition, and institutional property of technology is the source of national competitive power. The distribution of transaction costs among countries are based on the power, and "natural selection" determines that the evolution of power itself is path dependent. Therefore, transaction costs among countries are bound to converging toward the power. This article provides a new thinking for the research on economic growth.

Key wordsNational Competition Power Transaction Costs Evolution

JEL Classifications: O17

2TitleThe Division of Labor Evolution, Transaction Efficiency and China’s Rural Informal Financial Organization Changes

Authors):Guo Meiliang Xu Zhangyong

Abstract:This article attempts to take the division of labor as a theory foundation, the transaction efficiency as the main line, and constructs a theoretical framework about the division of labor evolution--transaction efficiency--informal financial organization changes, analyzing the historical process of China’s informal financial organization changes in this framework,hoping to keep china’s rural informal finance development consistent in the history and logicality. This article holds that the size of transaction costs which are brought by the terms of trade changing are the important clue to the understanding of the rural informal financial changes. The informal financial change in fact is the process of the transaction cost reducing unceasingly brought by the rural finance division of labor evolution. Therefore, in China’s rural finance market, a kind of rural finance institutional arrangement is effective or not is due to that it can bring the transaction cost saving , not the government approving.

Keywords:rural informal finance, the evolution of division of labor, transaction efficiency

JEL Classification:B12 G21 Q14

3TitleInframarginal Analysis on ChineseLand Development Rights and Land Expropriation’s Efficiency: Based on the Internal Coherence of Efficiency and Justice

Authors):Li Ziming Zhou Qunli

Abstract:In urbanization, Chinese government expropriates collective-owned rural land and then sells the use right to developers. As the land finance system and public-owned economy, peasants gain under-compensation but have no power and legislative support to demand the true value and benefit from the land once they managed. Definite ultimate landed property of Chinese would hardly be transformed into private ownership as it maybe involves in the heated debate of ideology which may put off the solution to the conflicts in reality. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the in

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