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2005 Research Topics Collection of SDUCER
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A. New Research Subjects

1. Weijian Scientific Meaning and Strategic Framework of Province Capital, Jinan Propaganda Department

2. Kunting Chen --SDU Social Science Fund

3. Kunting Chen―Macro Economy Cycling Model and Policy System Research, Shandong Social Science Fund Program

4. Kunting Chen―Guangdong Shunde 11th Five-year Plan Layout

5. Kunting Chen―PKU Post Doctorate Fund

6. Hongsheng Xiao--- SDU Youth Growth Program: Industry Investment Comprehensive Fussy Decision Analytic Methods

7. Hongsheng Xiao---- Special Fund Sponsor Program of SDU Postgraduate’s Learning Material: Financial Investment--- Comprehensive and Fussy Analytic Methods

8. Xinjun Wang--- Cases Collection of Chinese Company Management Science (81) Creating Harmony

9. Xinjun Wang--- Cases Collection of Chinese Company Management Science92

10. Tianqi Sun--- Shandong Social Science Research Program: Study on State-owned Finance Capital Management and State-owned Bank Reform

11. Haiyi Zhao--- Shandong Social Science Research Program: Property Right Arrangement of World Natural and Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Protection and Development

12. ZHiping Xie---Shandong Natural Science Fund: Behavior Economics, Auction Theory and the Pricing System of State-owned Property Auction

13. Zenggang Li---Study on Current Situation and Problems of Investment Environment in Jinan

B. Achieved Research Programs

1. Shaoan Huang--- Study on Middle and Small Enterprises Reform in Shandong Province

2. Shaoan Huang---Operating System and Model Study on High-tech Risk Investment

3. Shaoan Huang--- Study on State-owned Property Strategic Regulation

4. Hongsheng--- Study on Harmonious Development of Land and Transportation in Beijing

5. Hongsheng--- Economic Evaluation on Digitalized Urban Management in Dongcheng District Beijing

6. Hongsheng---Study on Industrial Positioning of Warm Spring City in Chongqing

7. Weijian--- Study on 11th five-year Plan Development Strategy of County Economy in Shandong

8. Weijian---Study on State-owned Property Supervising System

9. Shaoxin Tang--- Study on Chinese Financial Marketing

10. Fengrong Wang--- Performance Comparison between Listed Companies and Non-listed Companies

11. Xinjun Wang--- Analysis on Information Measurement with Evidence

12. Xinjun Wang--- Calculating Study on Main Economic Societies Development Index

13. Xinjun Wang--- Endowment Insurance Scale Prediction and its Effect on Finance

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