Principal Research Achievements in 2006 SDUCER-山东大学经济研究院
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Principal Research Achievements in 2006 SDUCER
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Treatises and supervised monograph

Wang Fengrong:Study on financial supporting institution of middle-and-small-scaled companies growth, China’s Economy Press, Sept.2006

Wang Fengrong:Stock and Option (the second writer), People’s Court Press, Jan.2005

Study Report

Weijian: The scientific positioning and strategic structure of Province Capital, important project sponsored by Jinan’s Department of Propaganda

Li Zenggang: study on current investment environment and existing problems in Jinan, important project sponsored by Jinan’s Department of Propaganda

Xu Xiaoman: study on German self-innovation high-tech system


Huang Shao’an: Re-explanation on British Corn Law Revolution, China’s Social Science, March 2006

Huang Shao’an: On Incommensurability of Game Theory and Evolution, Qiu Suo, July 2006

Huang Shao’an: Answer Four “puzzles” of China’s Macro economy, financial News, Sept. 16th 2006

Huang Shao’an: Institutional Economics’ Clues of development and Trends, Guang Ming News, Nov.13th 2006

Huang Shao’an: Recycling Economics Needs Double Protections of Institution and Technology, Academic Monthly, Jan.2006

Huang Shao’an: Garrisoning and Cultivating Ocean (Tun Hai) ----a thought on utilizing ocean, Quan Heng,June2006

Huang Shao’an: A Comparison between new and old Institutional Economics, Jiang Hai Xue Kan, June2006

Weijian: Value Release and Operation Reforming: Two Basic Efficiency Advancing Models of MBOs, Guang Dong Social Science, Third Issue 2006

Weijian: The Law- Economics' Analysis Paradigms: The Development History and the Prediction, Academic Monthly 7th Issue 2006

Weijian: Deterrent Theory of Punishment: Past, Now and Future, Study and Exploration, 4th Issue 2006

Weijian: An Economic Legal Analysis of the Compulsory Responsibility Insurance for Mobile Traffic Accidents, Academic Study, 10th Issue 2006

Weijian: The Best Distribution of Traffic Accidents’ Responsibility between Mobile and Pedestrian, Institutional Economics Study, 9th Issue 2006

Weijian: Who are qualified stock holders------the management and prospect of stock rights in China’s Bond’s Companies, Xi’an Finance, 8th 2006

Weijian: The Stable Self-Enforcement and Distribution of Property Right:,The Right to Virtual Property in MMORPG, Sino-Europe Law-economics Meeting(Fudan University Shanghai)

Weijian: Relationship between Managers’ ability Recognition, Company Performance and MBO Model, 2006 Young Economists Annual Conference

Weijian: Treating Private Relief carefully, Institutional Economics Study, 12th Issue

Weijian: Behavioral Law and Economics which Legal Analysis more realistic, Guang Ming News, Nov.13th 2006

Weijian: Basic Concept of General Economics and Its Development Path, Shandong Social Science, 6th Issue 2006

Sun Tianqi: District difference Analysis on Monetary Policy Efficiency, Financial Study, 3th Issue 2006

Sun Tianqi:Survey and Thought on Establishing Financial Office in Local Governments, Financial Study, Oct.30th 2006

Sun Tianqi:Research on Finance Mechanism Reconstruction of Local Deposit Legal Person in Xi’an, Xi’an Finance, 2nd Issue 2006

Sun Tianqi:Lender of Last Resort: Experience and Revelation from Hong Kong, Contemporary Economic Science, 2nd Issue 2006

Sun Tianqi:The Situation of Japan’s Theory: “Finance Function -- contributing to Localness and Fortifying Local Connection” Xi’an Finance, 5th Issue 2006

Sun Tianqi:Implication of Hong Kong’s “Regulations on Foreign Exchange and Fund” and its Fund Operation, Xi’an Finance, 6th Issue 2006

Sun Tianqi:Japan’s Agriculture, Business and Finance-----Situation a

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